Solar Connectors

Mobile connectors are used to connect PV panels in series. They also link lengths of cabling and allow connection to Branch and Panel connectors. Branch connectors are used to link multiple strings together allowing, for example, a 2 pole (single string) DC isolator to switch both strings at the same time. Panel connectors mount on solar string boxes, enclosed DC isolators and any other enclosed DC switching device allowing easy connection to the rest of the PV system

Solar connector scheme

Key Features:

– 1000V DC 30A Rated
– For 4-6mm² Cables
– Secure Easy Clip and Release System
– IP67 Protection
– UL94-5VA Fire Protection
– Class 2 Protection


Solar Switches for Photovoltaic Applications

The IMO SI Solar Switch range has been specifically developed as a
“True DC”  to disconnect the DC/AC inverter from the photovoltaic panels as illustrated. All photovoltaic installations have to be equipped with DC isolators in accordance with IEC 60364-7-712.

Solar switches scheme

Key features:

– Available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole versions
– Operator independent trigger ratchet switching mechanism for high speed switching (5ms max)
– Knife edge self cleaning contact mechanism
– Long arc cooling chambers
– Maximum torque 1Nm for easy operation

DC Switching by IMO

The IMO SI is a True DC switch not an AC version de-rated or re-wired for DC operation.

Features include:
– Operator independent switching mechanism
– High speed trigger ratchet switching (5ms max)
– IP65 rated enclosure with top and bottom M25/M20/M16/M12 push outs and rear cable entry
– Fully enclosed internal switch without additional wiring for maximum safety
– Knife edge contacts and arc cooling chambers
– High reliability rotary snap action mechanism
– Maximum 1Nm torque for easy operation
– Compact space saving design
– 16mm2 box terminals for easy wiring
The IMO SI range has a switching speed that is independent of the operator. The mechanism is such that there is no direct linkage between the operator handle and the switch contacts. As the handle is moved it interacts with a spring mechanism which, upon reaching a set point, causes all the contacts to “SNAP” over thereby ensuring a very fast break/make action which means that the arcs produced by the constant DC load are normally extinguished within 5ms. Many alternative solutions, particularly those based upon AC isolator design, have a switching speed that is directly linked to operator speed. Slow operation of the handle results in slow separation of the contacts and can produce arcing times of 100 ms or more. The SI range also features a “knife edge” mechanism so that when the unit is operated there is a double break on each pole with arcing effect occuring on the corners of the switch only. The main contact is made on an area where no arcing has occurred. The rotary nature of the contact mechanism also means that when the SI is operated a self-cleaning action occurs on the arcing points, thereby producing good contact integrity over the life of the product. A secondary advantage of this type of operation in photovoltaic applications is that, in the event of a supply to earth failure, the short circuit current pulls the contacts together thereby giving an extremely high short circuit current capability in the order of up to 1700A (product dependant). Completing the package for all your PV instalation requirements is the IMO range of Solar Connectors. Rated up to 1000V 30A for 2.5-6mm2 cables, the IMO connectors feature a secure easy clip and release system providing the installer with a time saving and efficient connector solution. As with all IMO PV products the connectors have been tested to the highest standards and come rated with IP67 protection, UL-94-5VA fire resistance and provide class 2 protection.